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60” LCD TV

Some time back, an exquisite painting or a portrait would be the favorite choice of home owners for decorating their walls. The trend is changing now and a 60” LCD TV is something that everybody is yearning to have on their walls.



And why wouldn’t it be, as each of us wishes to have a big screen that offers better viewing! The point to note here is that many are not as sure about which LCD TV to buy and how to go about it. Don’t worry, help is here!

Below you will find four useful tips that will make your 60 inch LCD TV shopping pleasurable and hassle-free.

Buying Considerations for the 60 Inch LCD TV

  • Your Budget

Whenever you decide to buy a 60” LCD TV you need to fix up your spending limit for the same. For this you might have to take a review of the several brands available in this niche to get an idea of the price range.

Some of the leading names in for these televisions are Samsung, Sharp Aquos, LG and Sony. They are all priced differently as per the model and specifications, so ensure that you go for one that meets your requirements. This purchase is going to last for a long time and won’t be inexpensive, but the enjoyment you get from it is worth the money spent.


60 inch tv 

 60 lcd tv

 60 lcd tv

  • Placement of Your LCD Television

Have you decided where you will keep your 60” LCD television after buying it? Our homes are not showrooms for television sets, so we must keep in mind that there has to be a proper location set up before the televisions come home.

This 60” TV has a bigger screen than the normal sets, so make some space for the same. Moreover, you also need to consider the sunshine hitting the screen directly and the amount of furniture in that room.

The best way to get an idea of this situation is to make a rough room plan with all these factors included. If you have an empty wall that can suit television viewing, simply hang your wide LCD television on this wall and make a home theater for you!


60 inch lcd tv

 60 lcd

 60 inch lcd tv

  • Power Connections

60 inch LCD TVs can mean different power requirements and further, a different power outlet that suits its design.

After you decide on the TV’s location, find out if that place has the necessary power outlets and cable connections so that you can start using the set as soon as you bring it home. Sometimes you might have to buy good quality adapters for handling all these power cords and cables.

  • Do Some Research

Browse through the various websites that sell 60 inch LCD televisions and compare the brands for features, such as high-definition etc. and price based on expert reviews. This will help you in making an educated decision about the television set. 



Once you follow these buying tips, nothing can stop you from owning one of the best 60” LCD TV and enjoying each day with it! On the following pages, we've covered 60 inch TVs from Sony, LG, Mitsubishi, Sharp and Pioneer. You have one more reason to party now!

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